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Hi! I'm Copeland :)

Welcome to my corner of the internet! Honored to have you here. You probably read a bit about me on the home page and thought: "Omg! They seem so cool I want to know more about her!" Well you are in the right place if that is the dream you desire.

Like I said earlier, my name is Copeland. To spare you the wondering of where that came from, it is my lovely grandmother's maiden name that my mom wanted to keep in the family. My fun fact: I used to hate my name, while everyone else loved it and wouldn't let me change it. So if you were team don't change it I owe you a big favor because I love it now!

I am from the lovely (warm) state of South Carolina and grew up on the beautiful beaches in Charleston, SC. I am incredibly lucky to have grown up there and as cheesy as it sounds, I truly feel like I have salt water running through my veins.

As for performing, it has been the love of my life since I couldn't even talk. My family likes to joke that the first words out of my mouth were actually the lyrics to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, and ever since I sang those words I haven't stopped singing. I originally began pursuing performing whenever I graduated high school in 2018 by going to Clemson University, however after a change of heart I decided that the Big Apple was calling my name and I needed to get as close to it as possible. Because of this, I began school for the second time at Long Island University Post where I will be graduating with a BFA in Musical Theatre in May of 2024. Through LIU, I have been trained by a myriad of incredible artists in Voice, Dance, and Theatre that have helped me grow in ways I could have never even expected in 2018. 

I am an Actor whose main focus is storytelling. As I said on my home page, I love to tell traditional stories in untraditional ways as well as works that highlight disabled, LGBTQ+, and plus sized people as those are all parts of myself that I believe deserve to be represented on the stage. I am Actor trained primarily in Suzuki, Viewpoints, and Laban, who also is trained in Shakespeare, Meisner, Stanislavski and Chekhov. I am also a huge fan of TV and Film, and one of my favorite practices is practical application of my craft through different mediums, and how our physical body informs our technique as actors.

Lastly, (just if you were curious) whenever I am not performing I am a huge sustainable shopper. I love to thrift and flip clothing for myself and others. Much like my theatre, I love to find an old piece of clothing and bring new life to that piece; I love to give it my own spin. I  am a huge lover of folk, classic rock, and indie music  and whenever I am not performing you can likely catch me at a concert for my favorite artist or creating my own concerts at my place of work in the early hours of the morning. Other than that, I love to go to the beach, play Animal Crossing, and explore. Overall, I just love to find the different parts of life that sing to my soul.

You can't get much from a couple paragraphs on a website, however I hope that you learned a little bit about my slice of life from this spiel! 

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